There are many blogs on the internet right now. Many of them written by mothers and professionals like me, about things like food and fun like I will. My husband, Cameron and I are passionate people. Although you’d have to really get to know Cameron to believe that statement, he does not wear his thoughts or his feelings the way I do. There are a few fundamental passions that you’ll find within these pages. Creating, Eating, Inspiring, and Educating.

Cameron and I recently moved from Houston, Texas to Orange County California. I’ll be writing about our transition, some tips for relocating, and guiding you through some of my culture shock.

Cameron is an amazing self-taught cook. Years of cooking for sailing crews or boy scouts make him both efficient and forcefully innovative. He gets bored easily and around here we rarely repeat dishes the same way twice. I plan on picking his brain and sharing his delicious creations with you. 

I love being creative. Cameron loves instigating. Between the two of us, we make some pretty awesome creations. We started with a lot of projects for our wedding and now we’re often busy making things for our son, Colby, and for our home. We’ll walk you through the creative hurricane that is our life.

We live life to be happy and to enjoy those around us. We are our happiest hosting friends at our house, watching our offspring play together with our friends, and sharing the things that inspire us. We both make the sincere choice to be happy and wallow in things that inspire us.  My hope is that we can inspire and share that joy with you.